Zine 101 in a Box- Zine making kit-Let's make a zine from Hermana Resist Studios

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Welcome to our handmade zine making kit guided with the ethos of edupunk in mind. With 20 years of experience creating zines, we have created this special handmade zine-making kit. Our home studio has personally assembled each piece with care, so you can enjoy an unbeatable zine-making journey.

Our zine-making kit includes vintage paper from discarded books and other crafty, personal, and art-themed materials. If you have any special requests, just let us know and we'll be happy to customize the kit for you.

Each zine kit is unique, thoughtfully put together with quality components. You'll enjoy a surprise each time you purchase, plus the satisfaction of knowing your purchase supports our small business and our enthusiasm for zine making.

stickers-OK, a few cards of a deck, ok, some new paper I just found, OK, add that too

We look forward to supplying you with a zine making kit that is not only enjoyable to use, but also contributes to your personal growth and creativity in the world of zines. Thank you for supporting our small business and extending the reach of zine culture to diverse communities. Happy zine-making!

Every zine kit is different, as we handpick and assemble each one with care. So you'll never know exactly what you'll get, but we can guarantee that it will be filled with high-quality, carefully chosen materials. Plus, as a small business, your purchase helps support our passion for zine making and teaching.

Contained in every zine kit, you can expect to find:

  • Four of my informative mini zines on zine-making, including "So You're Gonna Make a Zine?", "Zines 101", "Make a Zine", and "Accessibility and Zines"
  • An instructional sheet titled "What Now"
  • A black marker for making your mark
  • Glue sticks for adhering your materials
  • An assortment of background papers in both black and white, and color, to provide a versatile base for your zine
  • Various types of paper, backgrounds, colors, and materials to add even more depth and customization options
  • Sheets of vintage paper from repurposed books to incorporate more diverse backgrounds
  • A range of templates to assist in your zine creation process
  • A mini zine on properly citing zines within your own work
  • A selection of vibrant washi tape to enhance your zine's appearance
  • a six inch ruler

Whether you're experienced in zine making or new to this incredible form of self-expression, our Zine in a Box Kit supports creative storytelling and artistic expression.

The zine community is really still alive today because we still have our stories to tell.

My kits are assembled in a smoke-free and cat dander and cat-free environment.
It's important for me to note that my products come from a dog family home and while I do my best to ensure they are scent-free, I cannot guarantee a completely scent-free product.

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Zine 101 in a Box- Zine making kit-Let's make a zine from Hermana Resist Studios

0 ratings
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